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We specialize in providing analytic tools and consulting for solving asset managment decision problems.

We focus on electric, gas and water utilities and public organizations

Our areas of expertise with accompanying software include:

  • Project Prioritization for Budget Allocation
  • Asset Repair / Replace for Aging Infrastructure
  • Demand Forecasting and Capacity Planning
  • Inventory Policy and Managment.

Our analytic solutions are based on engineering and economic principles and are implemented in easy-to-use software

Stephen Chapel
Director, S.Chapel Associates

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Asset management is about the science of making good investment decisions - this requires:

  • A value framework that explicitly links decisions to organization goals
  • Analytic tools for balancing costs and value including asset performance & risk
  • Investment strategies that put it all together

The decisions determine

  • the analytic methods
  • the data
  • the most effective management structure.

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