Prioritization & Repair / Replace Service Offerings. After more than twenty years of research and development work S.Chapel Associates was formed to bring to the electric power industry the opportunity to apply powerful tools for solving asset management problems. 

This Service Offering is designed to solve two of your most pressing asset management problems:  (1) prioritizing projects and developing portfolios of projects that maximize the value of your annual budget expenditures, and (2) identifying least-cost repair / replace policies for managing aging assets.

What makes my approaches unique and superior is that:

  • they are based on sound engineering and economic theory,
  • they are driven by both data and the expert judgment found within your company,
  • they are transparent, so that you can readily understand the consequences of all the inputs to the analysis, and you can clearly explain exactly why a particular project, strategy, or policy was chosen.

To view the service offerings click on the following links:
Prioritization Service Offering>>
Aging Assets Service Offering>>

If you are interested in working together on these problems, please contact Stephen W. Chapel.