Software Engineering Services - Partnership with SBS Inc: S.Chapel Associates has formed a business venture for the purpose of providing unique software services to the electric power industry. The venture is with Stanford Business Software Inc.(SBS Inc.) and its subsidiary Imagine India Software Services Pvt. Ltd.  

Data and related systems are necessary but often missing ingredients for good asset management decision making.  The venture with SBS Inc. was formed in the spirit of filling this need. 

SBS Inc. and Imagine India have extensive experience working with electric utilities.  They have developed analytic tools and supporting software systems for many companies in many areas including (1) Project Prioritization, (2) Management of Inventories of Aging Electric Infrastructure, and (3) Long-Term Load Forecasting and System Planning.  They are uniquely qualified in the areas of:

  • Client/Server databases,
  • Web based applications,
  • Web site design, implementation and maintenance,
  • Conversion of legacy systems,
  • Windows GUI in VB and C/C++,
  • Mathematical model development including software implementation.

SBS expertise includes C/C++, Java, VB, Access, Oracle and IP based software.  With a combination of resources in the US and offshore in India, they have very competitive overall project development costs.

S.Chapel Associates and SBS Inc. stand ready to work with you to define you specific data needs and to develop the software systems to meet your requirements.

If you are interested in obtaining software services please contact either Steve Chapel or Mukund Thapa at:

Stephen W. Chapel,
S.Chapel Associates
(650) 856-2675

Mukund Thapa
Stanford Business Software, Inc.
(650) 967-6889