Project Priority Systems & Software

An Announcement:

  • Effective Jan 1, 2020 I am no longer supporting the PPM software or doing extensive PPM projects. My business partner Lee Merkhofer passed away July 5, 2019 from complications associated with a skiing accident. Lee was a great partner and without him I have no interest in continuing this endeavor.
  • I am happy to answer questions about approachs to project portfolio management and associated software. However I have no interest in consulting that requires my deep involvement in detailed implementations.

New Excel Priority System from Lee Merkhofer Consulting and S.Chapel Associates

This is an opportunity to: (1) learn what a state of art priority systems look like, (2) learn about Multi-Objective Systems, (3) try our system at no cost or obligation, and (4) purchase the system at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

  • Excel Priority System Software: Our system is based on Multi Objective Decision Analysis (MODA) and is implemented in Excel.
  • For information on the MODA approach see the software brochure (link below) and Lee Merkhofer's website. Lee Merkhofer Consulting - Priority Systems
  • Demo Software is Available: REQUEST DEMO SOFTWARE
  • Excel Priority System Brochure: The brochure summarizes our approach to Project Priority Management MODA-Based Priority System

System Summary

  • Implementation: requires a minimum amount of outside help.
  • State of Art: Project value based on Multi-Objective Decision Analysis (MODA)
  • Inexpensive software license & free demo with no commitment obligation.

System Details: Choose the topics below:
Implementation Steps   Model Setup   Project Data   Scoring Projects   Analyzing Results