Five Bumps To Montebello

40 miles, 4800? ft. Mora, Parker Ranch, Sarahills, Toll Gate, Mt. Eden/Pierce, Montebello.

No lunch stop (bring lunch to eat at top of Montebello). Bring plenty of water, no chances to refill after Rancho San Antonio (optional detour after Mt. Eden to rest stop on Stevens Canyon). Rain cancels.

Route on Ride with GPS

Turns Distance 
Shoup Park 0.0
R University Ave 0.1
Continue onto Anita Ave 1.1
L Border Rd 1.2
R Valley View Dr 1.5
R Summerhill Ave 1.9
L Hilltop Dr 1.9
L Hillview Rd 2.0
R Fairway Dr 2.6
Continue straight onto Loyola Dr 3.1
R Esberg Rd 3.3
R Mora Dr 3.4
Continue onto Mora Trail 4.2
L  Service Rd 4.8
R Cristo Rey Dr 6.1
L to stay on Cristo Rey Dr 6.3
Stright at  circle, Cristo Rey Dr 6.3
R N Foothill Blvd 7.1
L Stevens Creek Blvd 7.7
R Janice Ave 7.8
R Mira Vista Rd 8.0
L Palm Ave 8.3
R Mira Vista Ave 8.3
L McClellan Rd 8.4
R Linda Vista Dr 8.8
R Hyannisport Dr 9.0
L Linda Vista Dr 9.0
R Santa Teresa Dr 9.5
Cont. Terrace Dr 9.6
R Terra Bella Dr 9.6
L Lindy Ln 9.7
L Regnart Rd 9.9
R Monrovia St 10.0
R Bubb Rd 10.1
L Rainbow Dr 10.2
R 7 Springs Ln 10.5
L Seven Springs Dr 10.6
L Seven Springs Pkwy 10.7
L Prospect Rd 11.1
R Parker Ranch Rd 11.1
L Parker Ranch Ct 11.8
L Comer Ct 12.5
R to stay on Comer Ct 12.5
L Comer Dr 12.6
R Pierce Rd 13.0
L Sarahills Dr 13.8
L to stay on Sarahills Dr 14.0
L Verde Vista Ln 14.6
R Tamworth Ave 14.8
R Seaton Ave 14.9
L Malcom Ave 15.1
L Trinity Ave 15.2
R Pontiac Ave 15.2
L Saratoga Hills Rd 15.4
R Reid Ln 15.4
L Canyon View Dr 15.5
R Elva Ave 15.5
L 4th St 15.7
R Springer Ave 15.8
L to stay on Springer Ave 16.1
R Big Basin Way 16.1
R Toll Gate Rd 16.4
Continue onto Saratoga Heights Dr 16.9
R Pierce Rd 17.4
L Mt Eden Rd 17.7
Cont. Stevens Canyon Rd 20.0
L Montebello Rd 21.4
L Stevens Canyon Rd 31.9
Cont. S Foothill Blvd 33.6
L S El Monte Ave 38.6
R University Ave 38.7
Turn left 39.3
Shoup Park 39.4