Five Loops From Shoup Modified - a good route for a rainy day

Steve's 5 Loops From Shoup that is modified a bit. Valley View, Mora, Camino Hermosa, Altamont, Altamont Circle, Foothill Park, Alexis(John Chambers house), Golden Oak, Westridge/Cervantes, Sand Hill. RAIN CANCELS! Bring Munchies, no lunch stop planned.

42 miles/4,200 feet

Route on Ride with GPS

Notes Distanct
Start Shoup Park 0.0
R University Ave 0.1
Cont. Anita Ave 1.1
L Border Rd 1.2
R Valley View Dr 1.5
L Summerhill Ave 1.9
R Magdalena Ave 2.2
L Hillview Dr 2.3
R Fairway Dr 2.4
Cont. Loyola Dr 2.9
R Terrace Dr 3.6
R Mora Dr 3.9
R Sunhills Dr 4.9
L W Loyola Dr 5.0
R Ravensbury Ave 5.4
L Camino Hermoso Dr 6.0
R Magdalena Ave 6.5
L Stonebrook Dr 7.2
R Kate Dr 7.5
L Teresa Way 7.6
Cont. Stonebrook Dr 7.7
R Oak Knoll Cir 7.9
R cont. Oak Knoll Cir 8.0
R cont.  Oak Knoll Cir 8.4
R cont.  Oak Knoll Cir 8.5
Cont. Prospect Ave 8.5
L La Loma Dr 8.9
R Summit Wood Rd 9.1
L Tepa Way 9.6
R Moody Rd 9.8
L Altamont Rd 9.8
Conti. Altamont Cir 12.0
R Page Mill Rd 12.6
R into Footh Hill Park 12.9
Left Descend around lake 13.2
Right at Interpretive Center 14.0
Left Page Mill 15.2
L Alexis Dr 16.7
Make a U-turn 17.7
L Page Mill Rd 18.8
L Paseo Del Roble Dr 18.8
L Page Mill Rd 19.6
L Arastradero Rd 19.8
L Alpine Rd 21.8
R Golden Oak Dr 21.9
R Alpine Rd 23.5
R Portola Rd 24.1
R Westridge Dr 25.3
R Cervantes Rd 25.8
L Westridge Dr 27.3
R Portola Rd 29.4
Cont. Sand Hill Rd 31.7
R Santa Cruz Ave 35.4
L G5/Junipero Serra Blvd 35.5
Cont. Foothill Expy 38.0
R Hillview Ave 38.5
Cont. onto Fremont Rd 39.2
L Burke Rd 41.3
R University Ave 41.6
R Shoup Park 41.7
End of Ride 41.8