Route: Kennedy Shannon Hicks

Distance: 58 miles. Total Ascent: about 4400 feet
Lunch at Los Gatos Town Square. Rain Cancels

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Turns Distance 
Start Shoup Park 0
R  University Ave 0.1
L  S El Monte Ave 0.7
R  Foothill Expy 0.9
Cont.  N Foothill Blvd 4.6
Cont.  Stevens Canyon Rd 5.8
Cont.  Mt Eden Rd 9
L to stay on Mt Eden Rd 9.9
R  Pierce Rd 11.3
L  Big Basin Way/Congress Springs Rd 12.3
R  6th St 13.7
L  Oak St 13.8
R  Lomita Ave 13.9
L  Vickery Ave 14.1
L to stay on Vickery Ave 14.4
R  Saratoga Los Gatos Rd 14.5
R  Montalvo Rd 14.6
L  Piedmont Rd 15.2
R  Peach Hill Rd 15.8
L  Glen Una Dr 16.6
R to stay on Glen Una Dr 16.9
R  Saratoga Los Gatos Rd 17.4
R  Ridgecrest Ave 18.8
L to stay on Ridgecrest Ave 19
L  Beck Ave 19.4
R  Hernandez Ave 19.5
Slight right  Glen Ridge Ave 20.1
L  Pennsylvania Ave 20.2
R  Bayview Ave 20.3
L  W Main St 20.3
Cont.  Los Gatos Blvd 21.1
R  Kennedy Rd 21.6
R  Shannon Rd 25
R  Hicks Rd 25.6
U-Turn 30.9
L  Shannon Rd 36.2
R to stay on Shannon Rd 37
L to stay on Shannon Rd 38.8
L  Englewood Ave 39.3
R  Kennedy Rd 39.8
Cont.  Caldwell Ave 40
L  Bella Vista Ave 40.1
Cont.  New York Ave 40.5
L  Pleasant St 40.6
R  E Main St 40.8
R  N Santa Cruz Ave 41.3
L  Saratoga Los Gatos Rd 41.8
R to stay on Saratoga Los Gatos Rd 45.3
Cont.  S Saratoga Sunnyvale Rd 45.4
L  Prospect Rd 47.8
Cont.  S Stelling Rd 48.2
L  Rainbow Dr 48.7
R  Bubb Rd 49.2
L  Hyannisport Dr 50
R  Linda Vista Dr 50.4
L to stay on Linda Vista Dr 50.5
L  McClellan Rd 50.6
L  Palm Ave 51.1
R  S Foothill Blvd 51.3
Cont.  Foothill Expy 52.3
L  S El Monte Ave 56
R  University Ave 56.2
R  University Ave 56.9
Left At Shoup 57.5
End of route 57.6