ROUTE: Page, West Alpine, 84 to West OLH, Skyline to Bear Gulch, U-Turn at Steeps, Skyline to Page.
Lunch at Skylonda. 57 Miles, 7000 ft.

Route on Ride with GPS

Notes Distance 
Shoup Park 0.0
L University Ave 0.1
L Burke Rd 0.2
R Chapin Rd 0.7
Cont. Robleda Rd 0.9
R Elena Rd 1.7
L Taaffe Rd 1.9
R Altamont Rd 2.8
L Page Mill Rd 3.9
Conti. Alpine Rd 10.4
Cont. Pescadero Rd 17.9
R CA-84 E 19.0
R Old La Honda Rd 23.0
L CA-35/Skyline Blvd 25.5
L Bear Gulch Rd 29.4
R CA-35/Skyline Blvd 36.4
L Page Mill Rd 45.9
R Altamont Rd 52.4
Cont. Moody Rd 54.6
R El Monte Rd 54.9
L University Ave 56.2
Turn left 56.8
Shoup Park 56.9