Montebello Followed By Five Bumps

43 miles, 4900 ft. Montebello, Mt. Eden, Sarahills, Stoneridge/Bank Mill/Toll Gate, Parker Ranch and Mora.

No lunch stop planned, bring lunch to eat at regroups. Rain cancels.

Route on Ride with GPS

Start of route 0.0
R University Ave 0.1
L S El Monte Ave 0.7
R Foothill Expy 0.8
Continue onto Stevens Canyon Rd 5.7
R Montebello Rd 7.5
Top of Climb 12.8
R Stevens Canyon Rd 18.0
Continue onto Mt Eden Rd 19.4
L Villa Oaks Ln 20.8
L Quarry Rd 21.5
R Pierce Rd 21.7
R Sarahills Dr 21.9
L Sarahills Dr 22.2
L Verde Vista Ln 22.7
R Tamworth Ave 22.9
R Seaton Ave 23.0
L Malcom Ave 23.2
L Trinity Ave 23.3
R Pontiac Ave 23.4
L Saratoga Hills Rd 23.5
R Reid Ln 23.5
L Canyon View Dr 23.6
R Elva Ave 23.6
L 4th St 23.8
R Springer Ave 23.9
R Sycamore Grove 24.2
R Stoneridge Dr 24.2
L Bank Mill Rd 24.5
R Toll Gate Rd 25.0
Cont. Saratoga Heights Dr 25.4
R Pierce Rd 25.8
L Comer Dr 27.6
Cont. Comer Ct 28.0
L Comer Ct 28.1
R Star Ridge Ct 28.1
L Parker Ranch Ct 28.6
Cont. Parker Ranch Rd 28.8
L Prospect Rd 29.4
R Seven Springs Pkwy 29.5
R Seven Springs Dr 29.8
R to stay on Seven Springs Dr 30.3
R to stay on Seven Springs Dr 30.4
R Upland Way 30.4
Cont. Bubb Rd 30.6
L Columbus Ave 31.1
R Santa Teresa Dr 31.4
L Hyannisport Dr 31.6
R Linda Vista Dr 31.8
L McClellan Rd 32.0
R Mira Vista Rd 32.3
L Palm Ave 32.5
R Mira Vista Rd 32.5
L Janice Ave 32.7
L Stevens Creek Blvd 32.9
R N Foothill Blvd 33.0
L Cristo Rey Dr 33.7
L Rancho San Antonio Service Rd 34.6
Cont. Rancho San Antonio Service Rd 34.7
R at Bathrooms 35.0
R toward Rancho San Antonio Bike Path 35.1
L onto Rancho San Antonio Bike Path 35.1
L Lower Meadow Trail 35.5
R Rancho San Antonio Service Rd 35.5
R Mora Trail 36.0
Turn right to stay on Mora Trail 36.0
Continue onto Mora Dr 36.6
L Sunhills Dr 36.7
L Kenbar Rd 36.8
R Rolly Rd 36.9
L W Loyola Dr 37.0
Cont. Camino Hermoso Dr 37.2
L Magdalena Rd 37.4
L Stonebrook Dr 38.1
Continue onto Laura Ct 38.4
R Kate Dr 38.5
L Teresa Way 38.6
R Oak Knoll Cir 38.9
R to stay on Oak Knoll Cir 38.9
L to stay on Oak Knoll Cir 39.4
R to stay on Oak Knoll Cir 39.4
Cont. Prospect Ave 39.5
L La Loma Dr 39.8
R Summit Wood Rd 40.1
L Tepa Way 40.6
R Moody Rd 40.7
L Elena Rd 41.0
R Robleda Rd 41.8
R Chapin Rd 42.6
L Burke Rd 42.9
R University Ave 43.3
R into Shoup 43.5
End of route 43.5