Redwood Ramble Plus

59 miles, 7000 ft. Kings Mountain, Native Sons, Star Hill/Swett, Bear Gulch West and home via Skyline and Page Mill.

Bring or buy lunch (late in the ride) at Skywood Market, Sky Londa.

Route on Ride with GPS

Notes Distance
Shoup Park 0
L University Ave 0.1
R Main St 0.2
L Foothill Expy 0.3
R Santa Cruz Ave 5.7
L Sand Hill Rd 5.8
R Whiskey Hill Rd 8.8
L Woodside Rd 10.1
R Albion Ave 10.7
Cont. Manuella Ave 11.1
R Kings Mountain Rd 11.6
Cont. Tunitas Creek Rd 16.3
R Star Hill Rd 17.6
R Native Sons Rd 19.6
U Turn 21.1
R Star Hill Rd 22.5
U Turn 25
R Swett Rd 28.9
R CA-35 29.7
R Bear Gulch Rd 32.2
U-Turn 35.4
R CA-35 38.6
L Page Mill Rd 48.2
R Altamont Rd 54.6
L Taaffe Rd 55.7
R Elena Rd 56.6
L Robleda Rd 56.8
R Chapin Rd 57.6
L Burke Rd 57.8
R University Ave 58.3
Turn right into Shoup 58.5
End of route 58.5