Request a Demo Copy of Our Excel Priority System Software
Lee Merkhofer Consulting & S.Chapel Associates

Despite being an Excel application, our software is highly advanced and professional grade. Our
policy is to provide the software only to organizations who intend to use it for managing their
organization's project portfolios.

So that we can assess the appropriateness of the software for your application, please answer
the questions by checking the appropriate boxes. We will contact you to obtain information needed
to calibrate the software to the size and nature of your project portfolio.

If you have any questions or concerns, please provide your comments in the space

  • Up to 200 projects
  • Up to 15 objectives/criteria
  • Up to 5 sub-portfolios
  • Supports team scoring
  • Forms facilitate data entry
  • Scoring scales calibrated to your project size
  • Force projects in and out of portfolios and sub-portfolios
  • Multi-objective (MODA) scores optional
  • Supports multi-year projects
  • Automatic project report generation
  • Computes optimal budget allocation across sub-portfolios
  • Generates efficient frontiers (ranking curves)
  • View project value components
  • Shows future cost commitments for selected portfolio
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Checklist of necessary, non-software, conditions for successful implmentation

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Has someone in the organization been given responsibility for creating or evaluating a system for prioritizing project requests?
Is there is executive support for instituting a formal project prioritization system?
Has a formal or informal team been assembled or will be assembled to participate in the design and approval of the system?
Do you or someone in the organization have experience or is willing to learn how to use a project prioritization tool?
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Features limited on demo version.